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A sad news has landed on our desk today and I am sure that as a Nicely Made in China reader you will think the same way: Shanghai Trio will be closing its doors in the next few days. Virginie Fournier and her business partner Nathalie Baseden were often featured on our blog as lovers and promoters of Chinese culture and craftmanship. Their finely crafted products were produced by hand by local artisans celebrating local « savoir faire ». A fire sale of their home textile decoration,  iPad and computer covers, hand-made luxury accessories as well as more urban textile objects – products from their Urban Walkers brand - will be organised in their Paris showroom 25, rue de l’exposition in the 7th arrondissement (nearest metro station: Ecole Militaire or Latour-Maubourg) from Thursday December 4th at 11am until Sunday  December 7th at 6.30pm.

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