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Z-KIN / Camera bags / Hong Kong

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Here’s a problem we didn’t have twenty years ago – the need for a bag that can hold a camera – and its charger – and a laptop – and its charger as well as various other pieces of equipment.  Ever on the lookout for niche quality products made in China, here at Nicely Made in China (NMiC) we think we’ve found something that might interest our photography readers. So to learn more, we’ve interviewed two bag designers, Quincy Wong and Yee Chan, founders of Z-Kin, a Hong Kong-based design company specialising in and designing better camera bags. Read the rest of this entry »


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This week Nicely Made in China looks at publishing, a first for us. Jeremie Thircuir, a French-born entrepreneur, created Thircuir Books in 2011, with a mission to introduce Chinese photographers to the world. We asked him a few questions about the how and why of the venture.

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« Creative » and « Creativity » are words heard every time we turn on the TV or read a newspaper, be it in China or around the world. Chinese creativity is the particular issue that California-born Daniel Meller has decided to promote with his present endeavour.  Now based in Beijing, he sells T-shirts printed with designs created by Chinese and others. In a recent interview with Nicely Made in China (NMiC) he explains how his company, CreativCulture, works. Read the rest of this entry »



The first company we have decided to showcase is Time Machine Image Centre.  We’ve asked Matthieu Torrano, TMIC creative and development director, a few questions:

What is Time Machine Image Centre?

Time Machine Image Centre (TMIC) is a fine art printing centre. We offer our clients complete services from a 65m2 studio – complete with lighting equipment – to scanning, printing and framing.

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