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Today is a very special day for Nicely Made in China. We are celebrating NMiC’s first birthday! Exactly one year ago the NMiC website appeared on the world wide web! A website presenting quality products and services made in China was still a fairly new concept one year ago. On that day -April 22nd 2010- 9 unique visitors from France, China and Australia found their way to our newly born website. At first, when explaining what the website was about, we were getting the “quality products in China? Do they exist?” usual look but disbelief quickly turned into real interest for the people and the products that we featured: from Suren handbags to Norlha yak wool shawls, from Nicolas Favard’s exquisite jewelery to Red Dragon yachts, from Shanghai Trio finely embroidered products Read the rest of this entry »

NMiC is in CNN Go!

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Dear readers

Nicely Made in China is mentioned this morning in an article by Ellen Himelfarb on CNNGo! This the CNN website which helps you discover cool stuff in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Mumbai (in English and Chinese).

Keep an eye out for more exciting and innovative products from Nicely Made in China!

NMiC in the February issue of AIR CANADA Inflight magazine

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Dear readers

Nicely Made in China is again mentioned in the press! This time it is in the February issue of the Air Canada inflight magazine.

Read the whole article here:

NMiC in the SCMP!

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Dear readers

Nicely Made in China was Monday morning on the front page of the South China Morning Post business section with an article signed by Keith Wallis!

In the week following that article nearly 5000 visitors came to the site to discover what NMiC has to offer.

Readers who are interested can also become fans of NMiC on our Facebook page:<> and follow us on our Twitter page @NclyMdinChina

NMiC wishes you all a nice week!


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Dear readers

Nicely Made in China is That’s Shanghai magazine editor’s choice to be website of the month. You can read the article on their website!

A nice reward for all the people who’ve accepted to be featured: Adam Healy at Ark Surfboards, Liu Hongyan and David Winter at Red Dragon Yacht Building, Alia and Safi Malik at Shangrila Farms, Nicolas Favard the goldsmith, the double-bass maker Gao Zhenmin, Marianne Friese and her company Malilian, Virginie Fournier, Carole Beaucour and Shanghai Trio, Elisabeth Koch the milliner, the jewellery designers Ariel Welby-Everard and Wang Lei, Hai Chen at Blue Shanghai White, the cheese maker Liu Yang, Dominic Johnson-Hill of Plastered 8, Valérie Nomain at Chocolate Design, Lisa Minder-Wu at The Orchard, Pierre-Olivier Le Magnan at Chiru Bikes, Sarah Keenlyside and Tom Pattinson at Bespoke-Beijing, the fashion designer Huang Yue, and every one at Time Machine Image Center.

A big thank you to the 7300 readers who’ve visited the website since the start of Nicely Made in China!

I also would like to particularly thank all the people who have supported Nicely Made in China and who have been generous with their time, efforts and ideas.

NMiC is now on

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