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Christmas is upon us – a very cold winter is predicted! – and Nicely Made in China (NMiC) has asked Khunu’s founder Julian Wilson what his company has in store to keep us warm in the coming months. New accessories have arrived – beanies, pompom hats, scarves – plus the classic and timeless sweaters all in pure yak wool from the Tibetan plateau. Below NMiC has selected a few articles to introduce Khunu to new readers who don’t already know the company. Nicely Made in China readers will enjoy a 10% discount on all Khunu products by using the code NMIC10 at the check-out.

For our readers who don’t know Khunu, the first article we wrote about it is here.

For her: This scarf is knitted using a highly textured seed stitch and is available in plain and marled colour options using mostly non-dyed yarns. Warm, natural and extremely cosy. 10% reduction after using the discount code « NMIC10″ - Click here to buy this Infinity scarf - Price: US$ 90
Gift for him and for her: For cold feet these mid-length versatile outdoor socks. Composed of 56% yak wool and very comfortable – check Khunu website for full composition. Great resistance to odour. 10% reduction after using the discount code « NMIC10″ – Click here to buy these Wayfarer socks Price:US$ 25 per pair / US$ 20 per pair for 3 or more pairs
For her: Traditional knit which originated on Fair Isle, a remote island off the north coast of Scotland. Using neutral and mostly non-dyed yarns we’ve combined one of the island’s classic pattern with a heavy knit to create a versatile infinity scarf that can be adapted to a wide variety of uses, and will be super cozy this winter.
10% reduction after using the discount code « NMIC10″ - Click here to buy this Fair Isle scarf - Price: US$ 90
For him: The houndstooth pattern originates from the Scottish Lowlands, and has become a classic pattern for both woven and knit wear. 10% reduction after using the discount code « NMIC10″ - Click here to buy this Houndstooth scarf - Price: US$90
Unisex: The traditional ribbed knit and pompom create a classic winter look that works equally well for boys and girls.
10% reduction after using the discount code « NMIC10″ - Click here to buy this Pompom hat (available in other colors)Price: US$ 70
Unisex: The beanies are made from pure yak yarn knitted in using a garter stitch edged with a dense rib finish.
10% reduction after using the discount code « NMIC10″ - Click here to buy this Beanie - Price: US$ 60
For him: Shawl collars are a dashing and versatile way to keep warm during the winter.
10% reduction after using the discount code « NMIC10″ - Click here to buy this Nansen shawl - Price: US$ 340
For her: Our latest incarnation of the Travel Wrap is made from 100% pure yak wool sourced from the Tibetan plateau. The black and natural grey yarns are woven together to give a beautiful two-toned texture and a finish that feels both soft and warm.
10% reduction after using the discount code « NMIC10″ - Click here to buy this Plain Weave Travel Wrap - Price: US$ 220
For her: The latest Khunu women’s sweater is made from luxurious 90% yak wool and 10% silk yarn for a beautiful handle and great comfort.
10% reduction after using the discount code « NMIC10″ - Click here to buy this Freya Sweater - Price: US$ 230



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A sad news has landed on our desk today and I am sure that as a Nicely Made in China reader you will think the same way: Shanghai Trio will be closing its doors in the next few days. Virginie Fournier and her business partner Nathalie Baseden were often featured on our blog as lovers and promoters of Chinese culture and craftmanship. Their finely crafted products were produced by hand by local artisans celebrating local « savoir faire ». A fire sale of their home textile decoration,  iPad and computer covers, hand-made luxury accessories as well as more urban textile objects – products from their Urban Walkers brand - will be organised in their Paris showroom 25, rue de l’exposition in the 7th arrondissement (nearest metro station: Ecole Militaire or Latour-Maubourg) from Thursday December 4th at 11am until Sunday  December 7th at 6.30pm.


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There’s nothing worse than getting a stain on your favorite garment and not knowing how to clean it. In the following article Virginie Fournier – owner and main designer of Shanghai Trio – and one of Nicely Made in China’s partners – gives Nicely Made in China readers a few tips on how to keep delicate and favorite articles in good shape for a long time.

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If, like Hong Konger Michelle Lai, you travel a lot, you might be on the lookout for the perfect travel bag. Nicely Made in China (NMiC) caught up with Michelle in Paris on her way to the contemporary fashion fair Rendez-Vous. Born in Toronto, she is the founder and creative director of Mischa. She talked about her passion for Japanese textiles and how her life changed when she began to create handbags. Read the rest of this entry »


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Today Nicely Made in China (NMiC) shares with you a beautiful story and a great product. Annalisa Ryle arrived in Hong Kong 13 years ago via the volunteer route working with the St. Stephen’s Society – in fact her office is still on the charity’s premises in Hong Kong. 5 years ago she founded Bez & Oho (after the biblical characters Bezalel and Oholiab), a company which makes cool handbags out of recycled rice bags while providing jobs to vulnerable people. Read the rest of this entry »