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China  - and the world – have changed since we launched Nicely Made in China. That is why we feel the need to look back and see how the companies and people we’ve featured during those 2 1/2 years have fared.

We start this series of updates called What’s New with the Hong Kong-based watchmaker The Chinese Timekeeper (CTK). We met the owner Adrien Choux recently to discover what’s new for his company.

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China is now the world’s third largest market for the consumption of luxury goods, behind the US and Japan. And according to some studies, by 2015, it will have become the largest! Today the luxury goods come mainly from foreign brands, but things are changing with the steady emergence of home-grown brands. Iguzzini Watches is one of these. Originally created in 1903 in Shanghai by Italian Federico Iguzzini, the company closed its doors around the middle of the 20th century. Fast forward to early 21st century when two Franco-Mexican brothers, Stephane and Lander Michel, on hearing about Mr Iguzzini’s story, decided to buy the name and give the company a new lease of life. Read the rest of this entry »