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Commentaires fermés sur SEASON’S GREETINGS!

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It’s Christmas time, and Nicely Made in China (NMiC) would like to thank our readers -the 329 Facebook fans, the 280+ Rss subscribers as well as the 122 who have subscribed to our newsletter- for the wonderful gift they have provided.  They have helped turn 2010 into a success for our budding website, giving further opportunities to the site’s small companies to have a louder voice in a very crowded marketplace.

Here is the list of our 10 most widely read articles.

The most popular article on NMiC was published on May 14th. It features Lisa Minder-Wu, a furniture maker and the happy co-owner of The Orchard in Beijing. This article has been read nearly 1500 times -over 1000 times in English, 344 times in Chinese and 37 times in French.

Second comes the article on Liu Yang the Beijing cheese maker, published on June 5th. This post was read over 1300 times! Little did we know there were so many cheese lovers in China! Liu Yang continues to be extremely popular with our readers, with the article being read at least twice every day!

Norlha shawls comes 3rd. The article, published on August 27th, has been chosen almost 1200 times by our readers.  The high quality yak wool shawls proved very popular with our francophile readers: almost 200 of our readers chose to read it in French making it the most read article in French!

In 4th position is the ceramic artist Hai Chen who runs Blue Shanghai White. It is only the 10th most read article in English but by far the most read in Chinese, receiving over 500 hits in Chinese and over 1000 in total.

The 5th position is held by the Xiamen-based company making sailing and motor boats. Red Dragon Yachts attracted 1043 readers in the 20 weeks it has been online.

Suren Handmade (handbags and shoes) comes a close 6th with almost as many readers, being read 1041 times exactly. A big success in only 14 weeks!

Our 7th most popular article is on Malilian. Owned by Beijing-based Marianne Friese -who also designs the sofas-, Malilian produces very popular sofas.  The article attracted 960 readers.

Then comes the Hong Kong-based Ark Surfboards, read 924 times.

The 9th position is held by Beijing-based French goldsmith Nicolas Favard. The article was published on July 23rd and so far has been read over 900 times.

Our 10th most read article is about the Chiru bikes, mountain bikes built by Hong Kong-based Frenchman Pierre-Arnaud Le Magnan. Over 800 people read the article.

Then, in close competition comes Time Machine Image Centre, Virginie Fournier’s Shanghai Trio, Dominic Johnson-Hill’s Plastered 8, the double-bass maker Gao Zhenmin and in 15th place, Lucy Young and her very appropriate Papertiger which produces Christmas paper!

Nicely Made in China would like to wish all its clients, contributors, and readers a very happy holiday, and a very prosperous 2011.  Watch this space for lots of new and exciting artisan quality products from China, and some significant developments in our website.

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