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Commentaires fermés sur ONE YEAR AGO…

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Today is a very special day for Nicely Made in China. We are celebrating NMiC’s first birthday! Exactly one year ago the NMiC website appeared on the world wide web! A website presenting quality products and services made in China was still a fairly new concept one year ago. On that day -April 22nd 2010- 9 unique visitors from France, China and Australia found their way to our newly born website. At first, when explaining what the website was about, we were getting the “quality products in China? Do they exist?” usual look but disbelief quickly turned into real interest for the people and the products that we featured: from Suren handbags to Norlha yak wool shawls, from Nicolas Favard’s exquisite jewelery to Red Dragon yachts, from Shanghai Trio finely embroidered products to Liu Yang’s cheese -yes, cheese!- and Grace Vineyards wines, from traditional techniques like ceramic and porcelain making to products with high-end technology like Chiru carbon mountain bikes, NMiC has shown that all sectors -fashion, design, industry, hospitality: we’ve only grazed the surface really- are experiencing a surge in quality and how diverse the production of quality products in China is today and, last but not the least, that those quality products made in China are here to stay.

After 12 busy months the website has received nearly 45,000 visits from over 30,000 unique visitors from 165 countries and territories: from Israel to Congo, from Chile to Qatar people are now aware that quality can be found in this part of the world. In addition over 400 people have joined our Facebook page and 300 follow our RSS feed. Interested readers can also register to receive our newsletter.

So today Nicely Made in China would like to thank all its readers, supporters and advertisers who’ve followed and believed in us since the adventure began in the spring of 2010.

From all the attention NMiC received from the press –national and international– we can tell that there’s a real interest for what we do and that encourages us to carry on the adventure. Very soon the Nicely Made in China website as you know it will change: the first move will be the launch of a redesigned website complete with a logo and the second move, a few weeks later, will be the addition of an e-commerce platform that will allow readers to purchase directly some of the featured products. So keep watching this space in 2011! We’ll keep bringing you the best of design, fashion and lifestyle from China!

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