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NMiC 1st anniversary in the press!

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The article on Nicely Made in China’s 1st anniversary in an article written by Tiffany Wang and published in The Beijinger, Beijing weekly magazine.

Dear readers

Nicely Made in China is attracting more and more interest. The latest? An article in The Beijinger by Tiffany Wang.

Nicely Made in China, one of our favorite Beijing-based blogs, just celebrated its one-year anniversary yesterday…”

This is how Tiffany began her article in The Beijinger on NMiC’s 1st anniversary. To read the rest of Tiffany’s article I invite you to click here!

And for those who live or plan to visit Beijing to know who does what in the capital and to learn all about bars, restaurants, galleries and more please visit The Beijinger ‘s website.

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