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3 years ago, on April 22nd 2010, a new website took its place on the Internet stage: Nicely Made in China (NMiC) published its first story about companies making quality products and services in China.  That story was about a photographic laboratory on the outskirts of Beijing and it attracted a total of 9 people from China, France and Australia.

3 years and 80 articles later Nicely Made in China has been visited by over 150,000 visitors who have viewed more than 400,000 pages. Week after week, NMiC has helped you discover that all over China there are both Chinese and foreigners producing quality products and services, often using skills honed over thousands of years by Chinese workers.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you, our cherished readers – from 198 countries – for helping Nicely Made in China evolve into this unique showcase, where those who make quality products in China can present them to the world.

Recently, we decided to take the leap into e-commerce and proposed some interesting and surprising products for purchase through the site.  These products, from 3 of our featured companies, can now be bought via Nicely Made in China: Khunu yak wool sweaters, Shanghai Trio accessories and Tranquil Tuesdays tea and teawares.

In the good news department Nicely Made in China has now extended its network to Europe with its sister website Nicely Made in Britain which presents quality products – often handmade – in Britain.

NMiC would like to take this opportunity to thank its loyal sponsors:

And last but not least, we thank our two most recent additions to the Nicely Made in China family:

We would also like to acknowledge the support of Patrick O’Donnell and his company, Links Moving international movers . Their early faith in us and what we were doing, convinced us that we were on the right track and were doing something which even 3 years ago was still considered controversial but is becoming more accepted by the day – that is, to associate in the same sentence the words ‘Nicely’ and ‘Made in China’.


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