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Commentaires fermés sur GRACE VINEYARD
According to the Food & Agriculture Organization, China is the world’s second largest grape producer after Italy, and ahead of the USA. However if we are familiar with Italian and American wine, Chinese wine is still relatively unknown outside of China. Relatively unknown, but not entirely as it is beginning to attract attention from some top wine critics like Jancis Robinson of the Financial Times. In an “all you ever wanted to know about Chinese wine but didn’t dare to ask” type of interview with Nicely Made in China (NMiC), Judy Leissner, Grace Vineyard CEO since the end of 2002, fills in the blanks in our wine knowledge. Read the rest of this entry »


Commentaires fermés sur SHANGRILA FARMS

This week, Nicely Made in China goes green and meets with Alia Malik, Shangrila Farms managing director in her Beijing office. Alia, a half-American, half-Pakistani New-Yorker is a development economist. She talks about fair-trade and helping Yunnan farmers grow coffee and raise bees.

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At Nicely Made in China we like to eat and what better way to end a good meal but with some cheese! But as it turns out it’s not easy to find good cheese in Beijing at decent prices. If that was one of your problems, NMiC found the man who can help. Liu Yang, a Heilongjiang native, makes cheese. All sorts of cheese.  In an interview conducted “dans la langue de Voltaire” he gives NMiC readers a crash course in cheese making.

Liu Yang,  few people would imagine finding a “fromagerie artisanale” in North Beijing.  Can you tell your story for Nicely Made in China readers?

I discovered cheese in France while studying management at the university of Auvergne in Clermont-Ferrand in the Massif Central in 2001. To greet the 50 newly arrived Chinese students the university had organized a buffet. I remember there were a lot of different cheese Read the rest of this entry »